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Bari Law associates, West Yorkshire 

Bari Law associate are happy to have an initial chat over the telephone                              or email and provide information so that you can decide if you would like to come and see us, 127 Barkerend road, Bradford BD3 9AU, 

Mediation information and assessment appointment , The purpose of these appointments is so that we can explain the process to each of you and other dispute resolution options. We establish what your issues are and what is important to each of you and then we look at if mediation is suitable. 
Mediation is a process and unlike civil and commercial mediations family mediation involves attending 2-3 joint sessions lasting 60-90 minutes each and typically 2-4 weeks apart but we do our level best to speedy this matter in the best interest of our client.

Reaching Agreements and Making it Legal

When we reach a consensus as to the important issues in your case we prepare the documentation you can then use to legalise your agreement.

parenting plan in divorce or separation 

In children cases we prepare a parenting plan, 
in financial cases we prepare two documents, a Memorandum of Understanding which is the summary of the discussions and agreements reached and an Open Financial Statement containing a summary of your asset position and copies of the disclosure exchanged as part of the process.

For further information please contact, 

Domestic Abuse Comprehensive & Confidential Advice, Supporting You Through Every Step


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