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Terms and Conditions

1. Your use of this website

The information on website is for general information only and if anyone seek legal advice please consult lawyers,on your rights and responsibilities - it’s not legal advice.

 You can get help choosing and using a solicitor on the Law Society website.

2. Our liability

We Bari Law Associates tried to make sure the general information we are providing here are accurate. This includes information we provide,

  • on our website although website is created by web developer but still we have carefully gone through with site,

  • by email, 

  • when you chat with us online on this website,

Being ’liable’ means being legally responsible for something.

We’re not liable for any loss, damage or inconvenience you experience as a result of:

  • using this website

  • contacting us by email

  • using our online chat, sometime it's on automated response, 

This is the case as far as the law allows, whether the loss, damage or inconvenience comes from contract, ‘tort’, or any other source.

‘Tort’ is the name given to an area of law related to people who are in positions of responsibility. It makes them liable if they don’t carry out the legal obligations that go with their positions.

This means we’re not liable for:

  • any loss of data or profits

  • interruptions or delays to the website

  • when we can or can't provide a service

  • any information, material, goods and services obtained through the website

3. Claims brought by third parties

We aim to provide a high quality service, but we can’t guarantee it will be uninterrupted or free from errors.

We’re not responsible if a ‘third party’ brings a claim based on your use of our website.

Third parties are people or organisations other than you or us.

We’re not responsible for the content of websites we link to. By including links, we’re not endorsing the linked websites and we’re not connected to the people who run them. We can’t control the availability of pages we link to on other websites.

4. Contacting us by email

When you contact us by email, we can’t guarantee the information we send or receive won’t:

  • be intercepted, corrupted, delayed or incomplete

  • contain viruses

  • be affected by other interference

We’re not liable for any damage that happens because of the email.

Our emails aren’t secure. We’re not responsible for the safety of the information stored on any electronic device you’re using.

Any information we give by email is only intended for the person it’s addressed to. Only the person we’re advising should take action based on the information we give them.

5. Copyright

We are just providing general information  on this website, so we do not mind if you copy, paste or use our contents, so you are allowed to use our contents but it's your own responsibility, might be some contents or information are not relevant to you or maybe it's old, we do our best to update our website regularly but still some time its take time to update website. 

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